3D City Chat

What is 3DCity?

3DCity is a wonderful feature that allows your users to walk and talk in a real 3D environment. It is an eternal source of fun and joy. People will WANT to pay for this feature on your website! Or, if it is free website, they will come to your site again and again, without being asked to do so or tricked into it by a push notification of the mobile app.

Who wants just another dating or social networking website? No one. People want a DIFFERENT one. This is what users say about 3D environments in general:

"I love this 3D stuff!!!"

"It is fun and cool to be able to walk and talk this way!"

datingforyou.net 3D City Chat


Can users change clothes, hair, and faces in 3DCity?

Yes. Users can choose clothes (body), hair (hat), and a face.


 datingforyou.net 3d city

datingforyou.net 3dcity

datingforyou.net 3dcity

Can users upload and use their own faces in 3DCity?

Yes. Our wonderful FaceTo3D® technology allows to upload your own face and attach it to the avatar. Imagine talking with your friends in a real 3D environment, all your friends having their own faces?

You can even become a famous actor!

datingforyou.net 3dcity

Do the avatars have emotions in 3DCity?

Yes. Whenever you send an emoticon, for example :-) or :-( your avatar changes his/her face to express this emotion. That is why in order to achieve the best result it is recommended to upload a frontal photo of your face without any emotions, with a neutral expression. 3DCity will add emotions to it!


 datingforyou.net 3dcity

Will you be adding more stuff to 3DCity?

Yes sure. We are now working on new clothes, heads, faces, locations, webcam transmission, etc. We are also constantly working on the animations of the body and the face in order to make them better and better. We always try to release a new version of Chameleon Software every 14 days.

Does 3DCity use a lot of processor resources?

No. It is super lightweight and uses only a fraction of your processor and memory (5%-7% in our tests but of course depends on your exact configuration). It can even run on the cheapest mobile phones!

How does one start a dialogue in 3DCity?

When you come up to someone and put your cursor on him you will see the basic information about this user. If you make a click the chat will open.

datingforyou.net 3dcity

How can I see someone's info in 3DCity?

When the dialogue is in progress you can just out your mouse cursor over the photo and a popup appears with all the basic info about the user.

How do I stop a conversation in 3DCity?

Press and hold a photo for 1-2 seconds and when a cross appears through it to the left.


Does 3DCity require a fast internet connection?

No. All files, textures, animations, etc. are very light and have been prepared and tested on very slow internet connections. Actually we only use very old 3G modems at our offices to be able to see our software in real not-so-perfect world, where internet is not always super fast. So even users in remote African villages will be able to use 3DCity. This is our top priority.

Can I use 3DCity in full screen?

Yes sure. You can either use a link above the 3DCity window or the full screen icon below.

Does 3DCity "talk" with any server except mine?

No. All image and 3D processing happens either directly on the user's computer, or on your own hosting. 3DCity never requires any other server. 3D processing is usually very demanding but our algorhythms are very optimized, they are made exactly to be run on a shared hosting like Godaddy or on a chep mobile phone. This was the idea from the very beginning.

How does one move in 3DCity?

You turn your avatar with the mouse, walk either with arrow buttons, or with WASD keys (as in all computer games), or with the mouse wheel. On a mobile phone you turn and walk swiping the screen.

How does one move to another location in 3DCity?

You come up to a door and an alert appears. You can choose to change your location or close the alert. The other way is to click the menu icon below and choose Rooms.